Our next project: A Buffet/Sideboard for the dining room

Our next big project is to build a buffet/sideboard, or whatever you want to call a giant piece of furniture you store crap in and serve food off of.

After looking for one at stores, nothing was big enough. You heard me right, big enough. I wanted a GIANT piece of furniture, so of course we're going to build it ourselves.

I looked online for plans and ideas and found THIS BEAUTY! I've been a fan of Ana White for a while and have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to almost exclusively Ana White plans.

My brother recently took a job working at a wood shop, so I sent him the link. About 2 hours later I had a quote for wood and a brother asking when we were getting started. It was awesome. So I saved up my pennies and then my brother bought and cut all the wood at work, brought it over and now we have this:

I can not wait to turn it into a beautiful place to store my serving dishes, table linens, and vases, with the added bonus of a table to serve giant meals to my giant family buffet style.


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