My first Subscribe and Save delivery

So I finally broke down and use Amazon's Subscribe and Save program. My September delivery included 40 rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft Double Rolls ($16.97), a box of 45 Greenies dog treats ($16.95), a box of 48 AA batteries ($10.30), a 200 count bottle of Excedrin Migraine ($11.85), and a 3 pack of Clorox Wipes ($8.47).

And my favorite part, I didn't have to leave my house! Some of the things I know I didn't save that much money on, but it was worth not going to Target and buying 15 things I don't need. I have very little self control in that store, and on more than 10 occasions I have gone there for 2-3 things and walked out with over $100 worth of stuff I didn't intend to buy. Like the one time I needed toothpaste and eggs, and bought two fruit baskets, a new set of sheets plus extra pillow cases, a CD (who buys those anymore.. this girl), a tiny dress for a kid that isn't mine, a body pillow cover, and a nail polish. I mean all of those things are fine, and were used/are still being used, but I definitely didn't NEED any of them.

I'm trying to decide what else to subscribe to. I think I'm going to add tampons, because as Sheldon points out on Big Bang Theory, they don't go bad and I'll probably need them for another 30 years, so might as well. I also may add things like toothpaste, dryer sheets, and Kind bars.

Do you use Amazon Subscribe and Save? What do you subscribe to?


  1. I get a few grocery items via subscribe and save: right now it's just coconut oil and freeze dried fruit snacks for the kids. TP is very tempting to add though :)

    1. I honestly didn't even need TP, I just wanted to see what a box of 40 rolls looked like. I'm such an Amazon nerd.


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