31 Things I'm Grateful for in October

1. Decorating for Fall
2. Being almost finished with the Buffet project

3. Pumpkin Pie Ice from Jeremiah's
4. Spotify (and my 80's playlist)
5. Big Bang Theory... it's SO funny
6. Celebrating another year of Christopher
7. My hair is almost long enough to braid over my shoulder
8. A great used bookstore on my way home from work
9. A funny brother that will do anything for  me
10. Chocolate cake recipes that make people smile
11. Being able to visit a Mosque because of free cultural events through work
12. Sweet Frog

13. Birthday dinners with extended family
14. Firepit Season
15. A new Hobby Lobby less than 3 miles from my house
16. A new job for Christopher
17. Blogs that make me laugh
18. My very first iPhone
19. New friends that still let you in even when you show up over an hour late to a party
20. 5th Place in the office Pumpkin Carving Contest

21. New flowers for my porch
22. A dog that let's me dress her up

23. Buying our car out of the lease
24. Starting a new book
25. Celebrating my father-in-law's birthday
26. A night cool enough to wear a fleece jacket

27. A day of nothing planned
28. Reading in the hammock with a blanket

29. An interview for a new job (even though I didn't get it)
30. Christopher cooking dinner while I snuggle Lucy on the couch
31. Trick or Treaters


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