31 Things I'm Thankful for in December

1. A delicious new recipe for hot veggie dip
2. The ability to buy Christmas presents for my family and friends
3. Fountain coke at my new job
4. Netflix
5. A girls trip to NYC
6. Seeing Wicked on Broadway
7. Visiting cold weather
8. Snuggles with my Lucy dog
9. A good first day at my new job
10. A new Kindle
11. Amazing Christmas light displays
12. Visiting the Guggenheim
13. Freezing in Central Park
14. Seeing a friend I hadn't seen in a while
15. Getting to watch my youngest brother's second to last Showcase concert
16. Delicious chocolate peppermint milkshakes
17. Cookie day at work
18. The church preschool Christmas program
19. A surprise box of office goodies from my friends
20. A chance to remember an amazing man's very full life
21. Friends that build gingerbread houses with me every year
22. The tiny hugs from a sweet 3 year old girl
23. Shopping with my fetus friend while she's in town
24. Family dinners at our house
25. Baby Jesus
26. Fancy donuts with my family
27. A pedicure with my mom and fetus friend
28. Homemade cookies
29. Antibiotics
30. Popsicles
31. Game night and champagne with the family

See ya 2013!


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