And, I'm back.

Sorry about the months of silence. After I changed jobs in December, and finished getting over the never ending allergy/bronchitis attack of 2013/14, I was so tired that my brain just couldn't think of words anymore. And then I lost my camera battery charger, so cross your fingers I find that.

Until I do, I'll share pictures from my phone of the last few months.

Christopher made me chicken noodle soup while I was sick.

I ate Popsicles and tiny crackers, drank gatorade, and watched a lot of Gilmore Girls.

Thankfully Lucy was there to keep me company.

Christopher and I got SeaWorld fun cards for my birthday! 

Christopher and his dad jam together with a few other guys on occasion, and they played a little show at a local coffee shop/video store/venue.

Jake got to hang out with the cool kids. 

The first time I had a meeting off campus at my new job I got to eat Beefy King for lunch and even had time to stop by Blue Bird for a brownie and a cookie!

For Valentine's Day Christopher got me flowers and a balloon and we went to a food truck event. I was still sick so it was perfect. I didn't have to worry about my coughing ruining anyone's fancy dinner because I was sitting outside in a camping chair eating pancakes and BBQ.

This was our view from our camping chairs at the Valentine's Day food truck bazaar.

Winning at life. 
While laying in the hammock on a beautiful day we saw the neighbors dachshund put it's entire head through a knot hole in the fence. 

Doggie face hole.

Over spring break Jake decided not to go on vacation with my parents, so he stayed with us for a week. He brought his Xbox and GTA5. It might have been the best week ever. 

I took Christopher to the Tractor Supply Store for the first time. He is in love. Plus, we saw chicks.

I went through a gas station car wash.

I volunteered at a super hero themed dance marathon to raise money for Children's Miracle Network. My cardigan was my cape. 

I got a haircut.

We took Lucy to dinner with us for the first time. 

We celebrated Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) with two moons (NOT boobs) eggs. 

Princess Leia's (cinnamon) buns

And a couple of the original movies

Someone did this to a car at work. It was awesome, but I will freak out if anyone ever does that to me. 

An AMAZING coworker brought me this amazing steak sandwich, with a side of extra steak. I love my job.

Those are most of the highlights of the last few months. While I typed this post, Christopher found my camera battery charger. Looks like we're back in business. Now if only I'd take the time to use my camera well... one day. I'm glad to be back. 


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