After months of being petless, my parents finally broke down and adopted two new dogs. Meet Henry and Jasper. 



Cutie puppy 

Henry the beast

My parents rescued Henry and Jasper from Pet Rescue by Judy in Sanford. Henry is about a year and a half old and is a coonhound. He had been with the rescue for about a month. He's a skinny little thing, but a few milkbones will take care of that! He's so big and fast, but doesn't quite know how to stop. He also doesn't realize he is bigger than the couch is deep, hopefully one day he will learn to jump up at an angle.

Jasper is a beagle and border collie mix and is a 5 month old puppy. He is so super sweet and cuddly, and totally dominates Henry already. It's quite funny. 

Lucy hasn't met the new dogs yet, that will be a fun event. 


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