Donut King is OPEN!

The day we've all I've been waiting for is finally here! The Winter Park Donut King location is finally open! After DAYS of driving by the sign, I finally got to eat a delicious Donut King donut without having to leave Seminole County. Having a Donut King less than 5 miles away from my house and practically on mu way home from work is going to be amazing and horrible. And I am looking forward to every single delicious moment. 

Look at all those fancy donuts we're gonna need to try. Christopher is excited about trying the Castle Burger, but why... they have donuts.

The haul from today: maple frosted (always), blueberry cake, maple frosted with bacon, strawberry frosted, plain cake, cinnamon and sugar, chocolate frosted, glazed chocolate cake. 

Now for an up close and person look at these beauties. 

Plain maple frosted didn't make it home. It never does. These donuts are no joke people, this is some serious goodness. 


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