Donut King

This is a love story about donuts. 

The Donut King is amazing, it's located in Mineola, which is pretty much Clermont, and a short drive from one of our favorite coffee shops in Winter Garden, Axum

They make fresh donuts 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Just look at those beauties. 

Chocolate frosted, Toasted coconut, Powdered, Cinnamon & Sugar, Red velvet, Maple.

Can you tell we like maple?

It takes about an hour to get to Donut King from our house, which makes it quite an event to get these delicious little clouds of dough. 

So hot. So fresh. So mapley! 

But earlier this week my mom and brother drove by this. A brand spakin' new Donut King location, only 4.7 miles from my house. There is a sign on the building, a sign on the door, the cases and drink coolers are set up, and they even have their signature yellow donut trays are ready for hot, fresh, tasty donuts. I don't know when they open, and they don't post on their social media sites, but as soon as this place opens, I'm going to be there!

This makes me so happy! 


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