New Office Update

I finally added a few things to my office. It's still a little sad looking, but I'm working on it.

I convinced an IT guy that I needed a second monitor, so now I have two widescreen monitors instead of the crappy little square one I had when I moved in. It's so much better!

 I also got a giant flower picture from IKEA. It looks a little bit crooked in this picture but in real life it looks fine. I'm not too picky about my office decorating.

I got the two fake plants, the floral prints, silver frame, and blue boxes from IKEA too. I keep all of my snacks in the boxes. I have one for breakfast snacks, savory snacks, candy and plastic-ware, and an empty one that I plan to keep soup or something in eventually. The boxes came flat and I had to assemble them, but I found the coolest tiniest screw in one of the packages. 

Isn't that the cutest screw you've ever seen. I just love it. I even made Christopher find a spot to keep it in his screw drawers.

I still need a to hang a few more things on the walls, and take some books to work for my bookshelves. My mom is having my UCF diploma framed for me and I think I'll probably get a fun quote framed. I also want to get a mini fridge to keep my lunch and drinks in. I hate using the shared fridge, it's packed full of stuff and it freaks me out to know people might be touching my food. I am also collecting a nice little supply of holiday decorations, it's my favorite part of decorating my office.


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