Origami Owl

I've been sucked into attending a few Origami Owl jewelry parties. It's like Tupperware or Mary Kay, you go to someone's house you may or may not know, drink a few glasses of wine and look at stuff so you can order it from a lady who is living the american dream selling crap from a catalog. It's interesting.

I'm not a huge fan of this type of "party". To me a party doesn't involve buy cheap jewelry, but I've been sucked into it and here I am with a lot of charms for a charm necklace. Sounds like me doesn't it?!

My first living locket (that's what these charm necklaces are called) is a Natalie and Christopher theme locket. I have a background plate that says always, because I'll always love Christopher, isn't that sweet?! Then I have my married initials, because I don't really have much with them even after all these years.  I have a little "love" word and a red gemstone. The dolphin is a fun inside joke Christopher and I have had since middle school, and it adds a little pop of color. 

My second living locket is black with Gold UCF letters. Now I just need to order a football. I also have a mustache but for some reason it's not in either of these pictures. It's really cute.

I do like my lockets, but I'm not a jewelry wearer, so I don't get as much use out of them as I should. I plan to wear the UCF locket for football games once football season starts.


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