PaintNite at Graffiti Junktion

A few weeks ago some ladies from work invited me to go to a PaintNite event after work.  It was hosted at a local burger place called Graffiti Junktion.

This is the finished product, isn't it pretty?! I'm practically an artist... or something. Take a look at the paint by numbers action that resulted in this halfway decent painting. 

My supplies

Look I painted the canvas all red!!

Thank god for a free glass of champagne!

Look I made light blue


Look at those curves 

It's starting to look like something...

Texture or something

Beginning of the background

Almost done!

A finished painting, Ta Da!!

It was so much fun to have dinner, drink and paint a painting and get to know my newish cowworkers. I would definitely go again! Next time I think I might try to pick a PanitNite that has a flower painting that I could hang in my office. For now this baby is living in Christopher's office because he loves guitars and me.


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