Sunday Beach Adventure

Last week I decided that Christopher and I needed to have an adventure. We originally planned to drive to Valdosta, GA to eat at Fazoli's, but after really thinking it through we decided to stay in Florida. 

We started the day off at Axum Coffee in Winter Garden. This place makes my heart happy. 

So good, so pretty. 

After coffee, we had brunch at The Crooked Spoon in Clermont. They have a pretty awesome beer list, and the food was excellent. I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures. oops. Check out their Instagram, it'll have you drooling. 

After brunch we headed to the west coast. We set up our awesome beach tent at Sand Key Park in Clearwater. 

Our pets for the day.

Christopher looking lovely in my hat.

There was a guy buried in the sand and his friends put chips all around his face and the birds kept diving to get them. He was screaming, birds pooped on his face, and his friends were all having the time of their lives watching this. It was pretty funny. 

We stayed to watch the sunset, and it was beautiful. 

On the way home we grabbed Cracker Barrel for dinner, because it's not an adventure without Cracker Barrel. 


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