Trader Joe's is finally here!!

After what feels like a decade of waiting, Trader Joe's finally opened in Winter Park today. They were understandably busy, so we just made a quick dash in to get some stuff to try.

What an amazing nut and dried fruit isle. I love pistachios and Christopher loves sunflower seeds, so we each got a bag of our favorite nuts. 

I love tomato soup, I take it for lunch at least twice a month, so I'm excited to have new brand to try. I usually buy Amy's Organic creamy tomato soup, but Publix almost never has more than 1 or 2 cans. 

People online seem to be obsessed with this wine and for $2.99 it obviously needed to be tried. We cracked it open as soon as we got home and it smells amazing, tastes alright, and I might try it out in my blackberry sangria next time I make it. 

I couldn't resist the apple fruit bar, I mean come on, the name is adorable. While we were picking out our fruit bar flavor the guy stocking the shelves suggested the chocolate chip brownie & oat bars, so we figured what the heck. Haven't made it this far in our Trader Joe's sampling yet thought so I'll let you know what we think once we do. 

These fruit wraps and what a fruit by the foot wishes it tasted like. We ate the apple wild berry one the way home, so that is definitely an empty wrapper in this picture. It was tasty. 

Hello mini milk chocolate peanut butter cups!! I saw a recipe a couple of years ago for a peanut butter cup ice cream that called for these bad boys and I've been dreaming of trying them ever since. They were totally delicious and I'm not sure how long they are going to last. They will be in my next ice cream sundae.

Now for the crazy famous Cookie Butter, it was OK. I bought a jar because everyone and their mother had this on their "My favorite Trader Joe's stuff" list. It pretty much tastes like graham crackers, and that's not a bad thing. I'm just not really sure how to eat it. Tonight I just licked it off a spoon. I'll do some more research into this issue.

I didn't want to leave Lucy out of the fun, so of course we got her a little treat. I love that the ingredients for this treat and dried chicken breasts. Done. Way to go Trader Joe's, Lucy is now just as obsessed with you as we are.

I don't want to completely form my opinion of Trader Joe's after a 25 minute experience on opening day, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to love this place. I already can't wait to go back.


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