Year Five

In May Christopher and I celebrated five years of marriage. Some days, I am not sure how we haven't killed each other. Other days, it feels like we just got married, like I should be looking up how to properly thaw the top tier of our wedding cake on Pinterest or something. It's been a good five years so far. Year three was still probably the best one, but maybe year six will knock it from it' throne.

To celebrate these five years of surviving each other, we went to the beach for a long weekend.

We had towel swans on our bed when we got to our room.

A beautiful view of the moon

We had champagne out of red plastic cups

Thankfully there was a Gideon bible. 

The view from bed when I woke up. We slept with the door open so we could hear the real ocean instead of the fake ocean noises we usually listen to at night. 

Sunrise from the balcony 

It was a little chilly and super windy most of the time. 

Our new beach tent!

No beach trip is complete without a Publix sub for lunch!

And of course, watermelon.

Happy in my safe little tent.

With  my cute tent builder!

We went to a really good little seafood shack, and Christopher got the Captain's platter. It came with a little of everything. 

It came with lots of special tools.

It was hilarious to watch.

After eating our weight in sea creatures, we had a drink in the hot tub and then sat by a fire pit. It was lovely!


I knew I saw a jellyfish on the first day we went to the beach, but Christopher thought I was just being a wimp, but on the last day we saw a dead one in the sand. SO HA! 15 minutes after I finished rubbing it in his face my foot got cut by a shell. So I guess we were even. 

It was really nice to get away and not have to cook or clean or wake up to an alarm. The beach hasn't always been my favorite place, actually I pretty much hated it until recently. But I've figured out how to have a good time.

I'm glad I have such a great husband. He makes my life a lot more fun. Here's to at least another five years. Or fifty. 


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