31 Things I'm Thankful for in July

1. Dinner at 4Rivers with Kelly!
2. New interior doors for the laundry room and coat closet
3. Fancy drinks with new friends =)
4. Watching fireworks from inside an air conditioned office on the 17th floor
5. Free watermelon at the farmers market
6. A fun day at the beach with Christopher
7. Chalkboard painted pantry door
8. Rainier cherry season
9. My first creme brulee
10. Winter Park Donut King opening
11. Extra money in the budget for fun house projects
12. Exchanging daily selfies with Christopher
13. Discovering a new ice cream place
14. Homemade breakfast
15. Realizing you can flip the prescription bottle lid over to make it not childproof
16. Beef stroganoff made by my mom for dinner
17. A new tasty place for cupcakes
18. Family game night
19. Delicious German food
20. A cool brother
21. Discovering a new tinted lip balm I love
22. New to me books from the used bookstore
23. Making cold brew coffee
24. A chance to go home for lunch on a work day
25. Crushed ice
26. A husband that cleans
27. Gold glitter spray paint
28. Amazon 2 day shipping
29. Gilmore Girls on DVD
30. After work naps
31. The new IKEA catalog


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