Trader Joe's Organic Creamy Tomato Soup

Another Trader Joe's product I was really excited to try was their organic tomato soup. I love tomato soup, I take it for lunch almost once a week and can hardly eat a grilled cheese sandwich without it. I usually buy Amy's Organics creamy tomato soup, but Publix is constantly out of it. So when I saw this beauty on the shelf at Trader Joe's I got excited.

Then I took it for lunch. Creamy is definitely the right description of this soup. It's very creamy and doesn't have quite enough tomato flavor. It needed a little something extra and my office had nothing extra to add. I'm pretty sure I saw another tomato soup that wasn't creamy so I might try that next, but if you're looking for a good creamy tomato soup my favorite is still Amy's Organics.


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