Goodbye Clyde and Seamore


Saturday Christopher and I took a mini trip to SeaWorld to see one of the very last ever Clyde and Seamore shows. Clyde and Seamore has been my favorite show at SeaWorld since it opened. I know most of the jokes and I could almost do the whole act myself. I am so sad to see this show sail off into the sunset. 

Farewell my flippery friends.

After the Clyde and Seamore show, we visited the rescue animals outside of Turtle Trek. We saw Manatees, Turtles and all kinds of fish .

I named this one Mannie.

Some of the turtles are HUGE! If I am remembering correctly the turtle above was rescued from the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill. What a little trooper! 

This guy is a beast of a turtle. He could totally take that dude taking a picture of him in front of me. 

After turtle trek we visited the dolphins, they are so cute!

On our way out we stopped by the Sting Rays. We didn't feed them or pet them this time, but I always like to say hi!


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