31 Things I'm Thankful for in August

1. Breakfast parties at work, even if it means saying goodbye
2. Friends that are just as horrible as me
3. Freshly Shampooed Carpet
4. Finding out I'm going to be an AUNT!
5. Online banking - do people still go inside bank buildings?
6. TV shows on DVD
7. A dog that allows me to snuggle her - don't be fooled though, she hates it
8. Pandora/Spotify
9. Impromptu date nights
10. Cheesecake with an out of town bestie
11. Leaving early enough to get Chick Fil A for breakfast on my way to work
12. Christopher grocery shopping for me on his way home from work
13. Being the office computer master because of crazy stuff Christopher taught me
14. Homemade cold brew coffee
15. Kimber the best sister in law ever
16. Game nights
17. Swim parties with my friends and their adorable kids
18. A coke bottle with my name on it
19. The lovely stranger that paid for my food in the Chick Fil A drive thru
20. Girls night with two lifelong besties
21. S'mores on the grill
22. Having the neighborhood pool all to ourselves
23. A fancy new phone case from RiflePaperCo
24. Figuring out I hate martinis at home, instead of in public
25. Cute packing labels
26. Falling in love with a new to me sandwich place
27. Friends that get me and my dislike of times ending in AM
28. Appreciative students
29. Finishing the busiest time of year at work
30. Christopher getting a raise at work
31. A long holiday weekend!


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