When Allergies Attack

I have terrible year round allergies. I guess that's how seasonal allergies work when you live somewhere with only one season. 

A few times a year my allergies turn into a full on upper respiratory or sinus infection or bronchitis. Body's choice. 

This week during a nap, I discovered that I sleep so much better on the couch. The arm is the perfect height for bring able to breath while sleeping and coughing and blowing my nose every 6 minutes. So last night I brought my favorite pillow and blanket and all of my sick supplies out to my favorite couch. 

Then I realized Christopher and I don't both fit on the couch. The only times we've ever slept in separate beds have been when I was out if town. So Christopher brought his favorite blanket and pillow to the other couch and we had a slumber party in the living room. This is why I love him. He keeps me company when I am sick, sleeps on a couch, brings me take out, refills my water, goes to walmart in the middle of the night to buy cough drops, and sings me soft kitty. He's a keeper. 


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