2015 To Do Lists: Financial Goals

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not a resolution girl. Instead of resolutions, I make To Do Lists like a boss. We have some pretty big goals for 2015 and I'm pretty flexible about them. While I'd love to finish everything on these lists, I know that life happens and something might have to get adjusted or shifted to another time. I'm becoming the master of Plans D-Q. I'm learning the hard way that Plan A most likely won't happen, Plan B is a little bit of a stretch, Plan C has a chance.. but I need like 16 plans for every situation. I'm working on being OK with that.

I made three To Do Lists for 2015, Financial Goals, Stuff I want to learn/do, House Projects.

Financial Goals: This is a short but difficult list for us. We both work, we have no kids, and we spend our money like wild animals. Pay day goes a little something like this: "We got paid, let's order everything on amazon and eat out every meal all weekend long!!!" Then the Monday after pay day, "Shit... we spent all of our spending money in 48 hours, how did we do that AGAIN?"

Our 2015 Financial Goals:
  1. Finally Pay off our damn credit cards and leave then paid off. 
  2. Save for a vacation. Like a vacation where we leave the state of Florida. 
The saddest part about this goal is how often this has to be a goal. The two biggest things we know are killing us:
  • We should really get our own checking accounts in addition to our joint account. We only have one checking account, so when we want to surprise each other it goes on a credit card... then we are like well... we already used it, no big I'll just put this, and this, and that on there too.. and then we've over spent. Shit! 
  • I need to get a Target debit card instead of a Target credit card. I use the credit card for the 5% off, and then spend more than my Target allowance for the month.. then there's a balance. 
So this year if we go to Target together, give me a hard time if I'm still using a Target Credit Card or if you notice that there are more Amazon boxes on my porch than people living in my house. Thanks!


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