2015 To Do Lists: House Projects

We have budgeted for two medium house projects this year, finally fencing in our back yard and re-tiling our master bathroom shower. These are the only two projects that really NEED to get done this year, but of course we have a list of projects we'd like to complete if we have extra cash.

1. Paint the front door. It's needed to be done since we changed the door lock when we moved in three  years ago because the door lock shape isn't the same as the last one and there is a chunk without paint, but we rarely use the front door so I forget about it.

2. Finish replacing the interior doors and door handles

  • Hallway door
  • Master bedroom
  • Guest bathroom
  • Linen closet
  • Christopher's office door
  • Natalie's office door
  • Laundry room to garage door
3. Paint the dining room, blue I think.
4. Wallpaper the foyer above the board and batten
5. Paint the guest bathroom and buy a new shower curtain 
6. Paint the laundry room and buy or make a fun vinyl wall decal 
7. Repaint all of the baseboards and door/window trim inside
8. Repaint the outside trim
9. Paint Christopher's office
10. Curtains!!! For the love of love my house needs curtains. 
11. Replace the light fixture over the kitchen sink

The list of projects grows daily, it's one of my favorite and least favorite parts of being a homeowner. Always something fun to dream about, never enough time or money. Keeps life interesting. 

Are you working on any home improvements this year?


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