3rd Annual Gingerbread House Building Party

This year I hosted my 3rd Annual Gingerbread House Building party. Not gonna lie, I'm getting pretty good at this party. This year I had it on a Saturday which helped immensely. I was so much more relaxed and I actually had things ready when guests started arriving. In order to have this party, I have to take my dining room table and chairs out of my dining room and replace them with plastic tables and folding chairs to get everyone in there. I really need a bigger house, or a screened patio, or to live in a state where it isn't 85 degrees and raining the weekend before Christmas.

These are the supplies before:

These are the tables all set up and ready to go!

Everyone gets a cardboard base, two packs of graham crackers, and a piping bag full of royal icing. On the table I have SO MUCH CANDY, ice cream cones to make trees, extra graham crackers, pretzel rods and pretzel sticks. It's a mad house, and amazingly fun. 



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