Birthday Jell-O shots

Tropical Fusion and Malibu Jell-O Shot

I decided that 29 was the year I finally made Jell-o shots for the first time. It was a mess. I learned some things. I already have plans to make them again. Yum.

I started by setting up all of my little cups. WRONG. I tried just pouring the Jell-O into the cups with a scoop.. it was a MESS. 

After getting all kinds of sticky, I put the Jell-O into a measuring cup, on a towel to catch the drips, and picked up each cup to fill them. This was a lot less messy.  

I'm thinking these might need to start making an appearance at my Gingerbread House Building Party. They are very festive. 

This was my very first tray (of 3) and I labeled the lids so you could easily tell which flavor was which. S - Strawberry, M - Melon, R - Raspberry, T - Tropical, and B - Berry. 

This was the final product. Three cookies sheets of Jell-O shots, or about 150 delicious bites of booze. It made falling three times while Roller Skating less terrible. 

Combos I used:

Strawberry Jell-O & Vodka
Raspberry Jell-O & Vodka
Berry Fusion Jell-O & Tequila
Melon Fusion Jell-O & Malibu Coconut Rum
Tropical Fusion Jell-O & Malibu Coconut Rum

Obviously the Malibu shots were better. Vodka was fine, Tequila and blue Jell-O was a horrible idea and I threw most of them away. Next time I'm making one box of Melon and three boxes of Tropical. Tropical was hands down the very best, we spent a lot of time digging in the Jell-O shot bowl for them toward the end of the night. 

Finding the very last tropical the next morning was like an extra birthday present. The top picture is my day after tropical victory. 


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