Breakfast at The COOP

I took the Friday following my birthday off and met one of my besties for breakfast at The Coop. I had really been wanting to try it because the pictures looked SO good. 

We met at 9:00 am, and considering it was Friday in Winter Park I expected to see more than a handful of people. When I've been here for lunch or dinner there has always been a line. We didn't have to wait behind a single soul. 

I ordered the Winter Park Classic: Three Lake Meadows Farm fresh eggs with potatoes
or grits (5.99) and I added smoked bacon for 1.99

The eggs were good and I liked the potatoes. but the bacon was thick and chewy like jerky not at all crunchy, and the biscuit was kind of tough. So I was a little disappointed with half of my egg breakfast.

Thankfully, we ordered a Cinnamon Roll (2.99) to share. It smelled so amazing I didn't even have a chance to take a picture of it before we were most of the way into it. The Cinnamon roll would be worth going back for.

When we got our drinks, I obviously got coffee, and the coffee pot was almost out and they didn't refill it at all during the last hour of breakfast so I couldn't get a second cup. I'm sure if I had asked they would have helped a girl out, but I shouldn't have to ask for coffee an hour before breakfast ends. 

Overall it wasn't the worst breakfast experience, but I definitely wouldn't go back just to get eggs. They have some pretty interesting sounding french toast options I'd still like to try, so we'll see. Maybe one day I'll get brave again. 


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