Goodbye 2014

2014: A Recap. 

I turned 28
Annual trip to the Scottish Highland Games
Christopher and I got SeaWorld Passes
My allergies kicked my ass for almost 3 months =(

We spent Valentine's day listening to live music next to a fountain and eating from food trucks. 
Allergies still killing me

Spent spring break in my hammock
Finally got my allergies in check

Took Lucy out to dinner with us at our favorite Pizza place
Went to a Paint Night and painted a real painting!
Tried The Coop
Christopher bought me red roses and champagne just because
Made a corsage for a HS prom

We celebrated FIVE years or marriage
My parents adopted two new dogs
Lucy went to the Farmer's Market for the first time
We went on a beach vacation
We made a special breakfast for Star Wars Day and of course had a Star Wars marathon

Donut King Opened in Winter Park!!!
We grocery shopped at Trader Joe's for the first time
Had fancy drinks at a cool bar with Josh and Kimber

We tried LuLu's Ice Cream Shop 
Met Kelly's CT friends
Painted our pantry door with chalkboard paint

Took my parents to Pom Pom's for the first time
I got my first super pretty iPhone case
Blake Bortles retired his Oviedo Jersey at an OHS football game

Went nuts at a Rifle Paper Co. Sidewalk sale
I got to take a picture with Knightro!

Christopher turned 30!
Handed out Halloween candy in the driveway with Josh and Kimber around a fire pit
Tried Yellow Dog Eats! Yum!
Went to my Uncle Eric's wedding!

Annual Black Friday Too Jay's trip
Bought MORE LIGHTS for our Christmas Tree and bushes
Gave thanks with our lovely family and friends

Went to the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl with my Dad, Amber, and Bianca. 
Hosted our third gingerbread house building party
Hosted our third Christmas Eve dinner
Went to Jake's last Showcase =(
Rang in the new year with an awesome group of friends!

Happy New Year, Friends!


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