Office Makeover

We live in a three bedroom house. Obviously, we share one of those bedrooms, and then we each have a bedroom we use for whatever we want. I have seriously thought of turning mine into a dressing room, but I don't own that many clothes. When we first moved in I decided my room would be a guest room/craft room/office. I  love working on crafts, I love having friends come to stay with us, and of course I like having somewhere to put my post it notes. 

After two years of living in our house we had only had three or four house guests, on of which was my high school aged brother and he mostly fell asleep on the couch after hours of playing Xbox. So about a year ago I decided I wanted to have just an office/craft room and get rid of our guest beds. It took a little while before I was actually ready to say goodbye to the thought of hosting guests, but most of my friends live locally and if they don't their parents do, having a guest room was kind of a wasted space. One night we put the twin beds we had in our guest room out on the curb and within a couple of hours they had a new home. 

With a little extra space freed up I hit Pinterest for office inspiration and the IKEA website for furniture options. I decided on a room layout and a desk from IKEA, but I had to wait to save the money or receive the desk as a gift. Thankfully, my parents are the best and gifted me the desk for my birthday! After I had the desk, I took a trip to IKEA for a new lamp and a chair mat to complete this little corner for now. 

This is the hellish pit before:

I'm a week out from hosting a baby shower, so don't get any funny ideas about why I have boxes of diapers sitting around. 

As you can see this place was a wreck. I had been sorting through things and dumping crap in here when I had friends over just to get it out of the way. I hadn't put away all of the supplies from my Christmas crafting. I have about 25 craft projects in various stages of progress. I'm a mess right now. I hate being a mess. Messes make me crazy. Crazy Natalie is not good for anyone. 

I took most of yesterday to throw out trash, put stuff in my donation box, put some things away, and build my new desk. It was a long, sweaty day, but I'm super excited about the progress I've made. 

Here's a sneak peak at my office in progress.

I love my new desk so much! And how cute is my lamp?! As I finish organizing and getting things in place I'll be sharing, so stay tuned. 


  1. Pretty! I always feel so great after purging/organizing like that.


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