2015 To Do Lists: January

It's time to recap my January progress on the 2015 To Do Lists. I'm not going to lie, it's not pretty.

2015 To Do List: Things to Learn/Do

I wanted to fancy up my handwriting. I painted my pantry door with chalkboard paint last year and I'd like to write pretty things on there without it looking like I invited over a second grade class to help. I also love the look of fancy writing on envelopes. I didn't even pretend to work on this goal. Not even for one minute of my life. I still want to practice fancy handwriting and do a million hours of tracing to get the feel of the strokes, but apparently that will happen later.

2015 To Do List: House Projects

All we were supposed to do was paint the front door. How hard is that? We didn't paint anything except onesies (I'm working on a baby shower post, get excited!!). I still haven't picked a color, nothing jumps out at me, and honestly ain't nobody had time. I moved it into the oops we didn't do that but it still needs to get done column on my spreadsheet.

2015 To Do List: Financial Goals

Nothing was paid off this month, but I did get a Target debit card!! I didn't put anything on a credit card all month long, and we didn't even run out of money. Imagine that, we can be responsible sometimes. Go us!

I also wanted to read at least one book a month, so I decided to use the 2015 Reading Challenge checklist. I'm totally rocking the reading challenge. My house might not get painted, and I might have ugly handwriting, but I'm on book five for the year and I'm not sad.

Maybe I'll be extra productive one month and finish some of these left behind to do's. If not, that's OK too, you have to take life one day at a time. Sometimes you get around to learning something new and sometimes you just need do something you're really good at and love for the 40th time.


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