Birchbox February 2015

For once I ripped into the products as soon as I got my box. I usually open it up, read all about the products, put them in my office and don't let myself do anything with them until I take a picture. As you can see in the picture, the BeeKind conditioner is open and I LOVED it. I think I will probably buy the full size as a little splurge for myself soon. It smells amazing and left my hair really soft. Plus, some of the proceeds support honey bee research and sustainability which is very important. Yay Honey Bees!

The eye make up remover works well and didn't irritate my face, so that's a keeper.

I have mixed feelings about the Juice Beauty products. I'm pretty sure they cause me to break out. Either that or I've had 5 freak breakouts coincidentally the last 5 times I've tried a Juice Beauty product. I just don't think this brand is for me. I wish it was.

I don't wear a lot of make up so I tried the eye liner and looked like a street walker... into the "one day I'll learn how to use this pile" it went. I also don't really use BB or CC creams very often because the samples I've received haven't matched my freakishly pale skin well enough yet.

I love Birchbox so much, I've been thinking about getting a second subscription and making the beauty profiles completely opposite just to see what the differences would be. I really love samples, and bright pink mail.


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