French Toast Sticks

While browsing Pinterest a few nights ago I found a recipe for french toast sticks. I love french toast! And if I'm being honest, I reaaally love the french toast sticks at Burger King, don't tell anyone OK?! I had about half a loaf of homemade white bread and I happened to have some extra heavy cream so obviously I had to make these heavenly sticks.

I cut my bread into 1 inch thick slices and then into 4 sticks each. I wanted to make sure they were hefty so they didn't break when I dipped them in the custard mixture. Then I mixed up the custard. 

I dipped all of my sticks and let them soak up all of that vanillay, cinnamony, custardy, goodness. 

Then you pan fry those bad boys in a pool of butter. Because not using butter in a french toast stick recipe would be the worst. 

After they are all fried up, dunk em in syrup and enjoy! 

The french toast sticks took a little bit of extra work and are definitely fancier than my usual french toast, but still easy and absolutely delicious. 


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