Happy Valentine's Day

I am so lucky to have Christopher as my forever Valentine. We've been celebrating this day of love together for over a decade, and while we may have skipped a few years here and there toward the beginning, we always knew we'd figure this crazy thing called love out together.

I try not to brag too often, but today I'm going to brag about Christopher.

1. He gets my jokes and laughs at them.
2. He gives me pedicures when I've had a bad day.
3. He let me teach him how to cook and now he cooks at least 50% of the time.
4. He does the dishes. I HATE dishes.
5. He lets me pick the TV shows we watch.
6. He's so unbelievably patient. I'm difficult.
7. He tucks me in at night.
8. He makes all three of my water cups for work in the morning.
9. He cleans up after Lucy is she pukes or has an accident.
10. He agreed to eventually adopt with me instead of having biological children.
11. He puts up our beach tent all alone, while I sit in the waves and drink a coke at the beach.
12. He goes on adventures with me. Like the day we planned to drive to Valdosta to eat Fazoli's and ended up at the beach in Clearwater because it was such a beautiful day. Or when we would drive an hour in the middle of the night for a delicious Donut King donut before they opened a location 5 minutes from our house.
13. He is so smart. He knows all kinds of useful and useless information. He's kind of a know it all.
14. His ass in bike shorts.

I love you babe. Thanks for putting up with me for all this time.


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