Storing Milk Bottle Vases

My mom has a set of Milk Bottle Vases, that are perfect to small floral arrangements. She brought them over for the baby shower we hosted last month, and that's when I noticed she wraps them in paper towels to keep them "safe" in their box. I almost cried.

I knew I had to do something about this situation before I returned the box of vases to her, so I took a few days to think it out. After considering other things you could wrap them in I thought of the perfect solution. 

Men's socks! The vases fit snugly into them, and they wont slip off in the box, they are reusable and washable. They will last for pretty much ever, and if you buy more vases, socks are sold almost everywhere. Bam! Problem solved.

I slipped those bad boys into the socks and returned them safely to their owner. Look how comfy they look.

Now, Dad if you're reading this, those socks are not for you, they are for the safe keeping of glassware. Do not steal them, buy your own. Thanks!


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