The Valentine's Day Fiasco

Valentine's Day isn't my favorite. Christopher and I try to make things special all the time, so I hate that on February 14th every year I have to try to make things even more special. Not that my dislike for this forced affection stops me from trying, but this year was particularly annoying. I even decorated for this joyous occasion.

About an hour after we woke up, we dragged ourselves out of bed and Christopher went to get cinnamon rolls from our beloved Donut King. When he got there they had a line out the door, and one cinnamon roll left. By the time it was his turn that last cinnamon roll was gone as well as my top 3 favorite donut flavors. He did his best and came home with a chocolate frosted cake donut. Not bad, but meh. While he was off donut shopping, I made bacon and eggs.

So while breakfast brunch wasn't everything I was dreaming of, it wasn't bad. We had tickets for a 4:00 pm UCF Baseball game, so I let Christopher open his presents. I was even creative this year.

Each Present was wrapped in a craft paper bag with a red heart tag. The heart tags had a little pun on them that hinted to the gift inside. 

After the first one, he tried to guess the rest of the presents, It was pretty fun. Of course all of these things are small and mostly for fun, but that's how we roll for Valentine's Day. 

Eventually we got dressed and headed to UCF for the baseball game. We noticed there weren't very many other people walking toward the baseball field and when we got to the gate we saw why. 

OF COURSE the field had some kind of issue that required three HOURS of maintenance. I almost cried, but I decided that a trip to the bookstore would help. We spent a little while browsing the t-shirts and UCF gear, then I decided to give Christopher a tour of the UCF campus. He had never been anywhere on campus except the football stadium and now the sidewalk outside of the baseball stadium, so we spent an hour and a half wandering around.

Don't mind my hair, it needs professional help.

I showed him the buildings where most of my classes were, the student union, the other bookstore, Smoothie King, yano the important stuff. After that hour an a  half tour, we were starting to get hungry, I should have been up to my elbows in nachos by now. We went to a burger place on campus that has decent beers on draft and settled in for the second half of our three hour wait. 

Finally at 6:45 we made our way back to the baseball stadium and it was now 10-15 degrees colder than it had been when we arrived at 4:00. We were NOT dressed for windy and 50 degrees.

By 6:55 we were diving into our first nachos of the season, and freezing our asses off. 

Look at us, we're really here. And we're really cold. 

My dad has season tickets for UCF Baseball, and we were using his tickets on Valentine's Day. I won't be sad to use them again. Next time I'll be more prepared. The Knights ended up winning 13-4, so even though we didn't stay the whole 3 1/2 hours to see their victory, it was still a lot of fun. 

And what day of love and eating crap would be complete without a strawberry soft serve cone dipped in chocolate from Twistee Treat?! Not a day I want to be a part of, that's for sure.

Happy Valentine's Day friends. And don't worry, Christopher didn't forget about me on Valentine's Day, he brought home white tulips (one of my favorites), a heart balloon, and ordered me a leopard print Kate Spade tote bag to replace current work bag!!! It just hasn't arrived yet. It should be here later today, if it hasn't been snowed in. 

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