Meet + Make

Happy April Fool's Day. No pranks here, you're welcome!

Over Spring Break I went to an amazing craft workshop called Meet + Make hosted by Sarah Hearts.

We painted a set of drinking glasses, ate delicious treats, and met new friends. I can't wait for another one.

We had two hours to paint four glasses and I didn't finish, so I painted my last glass at home. I'm so slow. 

Plus, we got an awesome bag of swag!!! Each of the sponsors had a little something in there, and I'm obsessed. I have the little wooden ring holder and the coasters on my desk at home, I used the lip scrub last night and it was heavenly, and I plan to frame the coffee print for my kitchen. 

After I went to Michael's to get the paint to finish my last glass, I went to Old Time Pottery and bought four tall glasses to paint another set because it was so much fun. I bought the wrong shade of blue though. Sad.

I can't wait to drink summer cocktails out of my new glassware! 

If you want to see how to paint your own glasses check out the detailed instructions, DIY Stencil Painted Glassware


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