UCF Baseball

The UCF pride runs deep in my family. I was a third generation Knight and we try to support UCF whenever we can. My dad decided it was time for season Baseball tickets, and I'm so glad he did. It's been so much fun going to the games so far this season. And huge bonus, the UCF baseball team is pretty good. Right now they're ranked #12!!

 My dads seats are right between home plate and the UCF dugout so you get to see the players up close while they take a few practice swings and then really hear it when the coach yells at the umpire. It's pretty exciting.

Christopher is smiling at a sporting event. He's even asked to go to more games! I think we might have finally uncovered a sport he doesn't hate! Thank goodness!

This has also been a great excuse to use my UCF Knights bag that Amber made for me back in college. It usually only see action during football season, and I am really surprised it's survived this many years of abuse.

Go Knights!


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