What Is Your Leadership Style?

I've found myself thinking more and more about my leadership style recently. I work hard, but I'm pretty laid back at work. Nobody's life depends on me seeing them two minutes faster, or checking my email outside of my working hours. I'm flexible with my coworkers and I'm very lucky that they are mostly flexible in return.

When I have to crush a dream, I choose my words very carefully and offer as many options and back up plans as I can think of. Being honest with students, even when it sucks, is why they request to see me over and over and over and OVER again. Sometimes more often than is necessary.

Recently we had a professional development day at work and in one of the sessions I went to the presenter shared this video on leadership.

I really felt a connection to this style of giving intent. I know that when I'm assigned a project and then people leave me alone to get it done, it gets done. I work with professionals, if I'm in a position to lead a group or project I hope I always work with the group to give intent and not a list of instructions. We all want to get the work done, so why does it matter how we get there?

Work Natalie is very different than regular Natalie. Work Natalie is patient and nice. Regular Natalie is a bitch. She has LISTS, and rules, and specific instructions, and she knows you're going to fuck it up, and she's pissed about it before you even begin. Regular Natalie could use a chill pill, or a drink, or maybe both.

Needless to say, it's been interesting getting to know my work self. She's kind of my hero.


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