Birchbox: May 2015

The Birchbox boxes have been so gorgeous recently. It makes it even more fun to get them in the mail! Now for the good stuff... the insides!

Box 1

Box 2


  1. You get 2 boxes? I canceled my Birch Box because they always sent me perfume and everything would stink! I just got my first Ipsy box and I really like it so far.

  2. I'll only get two boxes for a few months where my regular subscription and a gift subscription overlap, but I'm not complaining ;) Birchbox did finally start letting people choose to only get perfume a maximum of 6 times a year, but I do wish I could say I never want it. I am pretty much the worst at make up which is why I haven't made the switch to Ipsy. I need to watch some youtube videos and then maybe I can make the change and be adventurous.


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