New Pens

I love stationary. I love writing in cards made of sturdy, soft paper. I  love writing a list, even if it's just the rough draft before I put it in a list app on my phone. I love doodling, there isn't a staff meeting notes page in my desk without little circles or hearts or my monogram on it. I love writing. 

My writing utensil of choice is usually a black pen, but I also love bright colored ultra fine tip sharpies. No matter what I'm writing with, I want it to be ultra fine or ultra sharp. I love thin pen lines, they feel so delicate and beautiful. Oh except I have really not so adorable handwriting. 

There isn't a huge difference between the two new pens I bought recently. I really like how thin the Pilot G-2 writes, but it feels scratchy on the paper. The Uni-ball is really nice though, it's smooth and dark and definitely a new favorite. 

Happy Birthday to my fetus friend and fellow nerd that will understand why this is an important topic! I'm so glad you're back in town! Now stop going on vacations so we can float around a pool together.


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