Pinned it: Better Box Mix Yellow Cake + Milk Chocolate Frosting

A few weeks ago Publix had boxed cake mixes on sale for $1 so I decided to try a combo of pins I've seen a bunch of times on Pinterest: The Better Boxed CakeMake a Boxed Cake Taste Like Bakery.

I figured while I was trying new things, I might as well try a new frosting. I spent a little time pinning frosting recipes, especially chocolate ones! I decided to try the Milk Chocolate Frosting recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction.  

You use the box mix, milk instead of water, butter instead of oil and extra eggs. I also added vanilla extract.

The cake definitely had a more homemade texture, but still the same fakey boxed cake taste.

The frosting was light and fluffy, but I wish I had made a fudge frosting for this cake.

I am planning to try this again with Devil's Food cake mix to see if it's any better. Actual homemade is still absolutely a million times better. 


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