Six Years

It feels like our wedding was six months ago, not six years ago.

In six years we've lived in one apartment and bought one house in neighboring towns.

We've had five cars. The Tangerine Speedo, The Sandbox, The Mini Minivan/Spaceship, Mayella/The Roach Mobile, and The Salsa Red Jetta. 

We adopted the cutest, sweetest dog on the planet. 

We've played host to a couple dozen bats over the last two summers. 

We grew green peppers. And killed most of our other plants.

I learned to like the beach.

Chris learned he didn't know how to eat food in shells. 

We've ordered room service twice. 


We haven't traveled much, but we've been to Washington DC, Atlanta, and Nashville. 

 We've had Disney and SeaWorld Annual passes.

Our Family grew. We picked up two sisters in law (Hi Kimber and Jess!), an Aunt Erica, a cousin in law (Hi Jessie!), a cousin in law to be (Hi Ben!), and we became Aunt Natalie and Uncle Chris for the first time (Hi Molly!)

We've tried new restaurants, new bars, new hair styles, new laundry detergent, and had all kinds of other little adventures.  


Life with you is definitely interesting. Sometimes it's harder than I'd like to admit and sometimes it's more fun than I even know how to handle. I'm looking forward to the next six. 




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