Welcome Summer!

Sorry for such a long break in posting. I promise to be back in action soon! I'm still fighting a pesky cough and it makes sleeping difficult and not sleeping makes me difficult and it's a rotten cycle to be in.

This Friday marks the first of my half day Fridays at work! It's one of the best perks of my job.

Christopher and I are also celebrating SIX years of marriage this weekend. Can you even believe it?! Time really does fly! It flies so fast that I almost forgot about our House Anniversary! We bought our adorable little green house three years ago! I feel like we just moved in and like we have always lived here. Time is a funny thing.

I realized that I haven't ever blogged anything about our wedding, so I'm hoping to share a little about it next week in honor of our anniversary. Keep in mind I got married pre-Pinterest. I had my own version of Pinterest.. a 2" binder, tabs, page protectors, and every bridal magazine published in 2008.

This weekend we are off to the the gulf coast to relax in the soft white sand and eat a few pies. I can't wait.


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