A Day in the Life 7/22

I've decided to chronicle  my day for you today. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

Today is Wednesday, July 22, 2015.

My alarm started going off at 6:30, I got out of bed at 7:15. I slept close to 8 hours last night. That's more than usual for me. I usually sleep more like 4-5 hours. I've been trying to sleep more so that morning will be less difficult. It's not helping yet. I'm starting to think that the number of hours I sleep doesn't matter and that any day I have to wake up before 9 or 10 I'm just going to be annoyed. I hate mornings. Like I'm an asshole in the morning, just as Christopher.

Today I decided it wasn't worth showering, so I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and put my day 3 hair into a bun. Good enough.

Left a few minutes late at 7:36.

Got to the working parking lot at 8, but it takes me like 5 minutes to walk from the parking lot. Oops. Again, I hate mornings.

I drank one Tervis tumbler of water on my way to work and listened to Drop Dead Healthy on audio book.

I usually listen to either NPR or the local pop station in the mornings when I'm not listening to an audio book.

I ate Frosted Flakes at my desk for breakfast.

I read theSkimm and Now I Know.

I made some jokes about the south and southern accents with a fellow southerner at work.

A little before 11 I took a bathroom break, we have had steady traffic today in the office, but we aren't overwhelmed yet. The key word there is YET.

I bought a Groupon for a photo shoot with a High School friend's wife. Christmas card photo... CHECK. Now... find out if we can bring the dog. Pick a location. Buy outfits. Pick a date.

I finished my coffee. =(

This week's Whine About It video was posted just in time for my lunch break. THANK GOD!

The Worst Things About Being An AdultThis week on Whine About It... THE WORST THINGS ABOUT BEING AN ADULT.
Posted by Matt Bellassai on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

So far today I haven't had to crush any dreams. That's always a nice change of pace.

For lunch I brought a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich, chips and dip, and a coke. Super healthy. I do have some fruit and cheese and trail mix at work already, so I can eat a healthy snack later if I want. I hate using the office microwave. It's nasty and weirds me out.

During lunch I watched the Whine About It video above, and a little Gilmore Girls. I also played The Simpsons Tapped Out.

I also explained Birchbox to a coworker today. I really love my boxes, I wish everyone I knew had it so we could just hang out and drink wine and play with our Birchbox samples.

Today my calendar says "I like no trying new things", and as much as that is true for me sometimes, I'm really bored with life right now.

Back to work. There is a lot of noise outside my office right now. How annoying.

The loud noise is from the noise was new more powerful wifi hot spots or something. However they distribute wifi at a college. Hopefully this means it will work now. =)

I finished my second tervis of water, and I'm freezing. I have a much harder time drinking water at work when I am shivering to death. I'm thinking of getting out my space heater. or my blanket. I wish I had fuzzy slippers. Kimber, any thoughts on how I can convince one of the largest colleges in the country to implement your blue bunny slippers? Send hot cocoa!

I really want to read a book and snuggle with a blanket right about now. SO COLD.

Had a nice chat over candy with my bosses boss. We talked about food. Now I'm starving.

13 minutes left, no students waiting right now. I think I can.

Tonight I'm making pizza pasta for dinner. It's my little spin on pepperoni pasta that I had while I was a staple in the Marlette house. I make spaghetti noodles, with red sauce, pepperoni chunks, onions, and mushrooms. Sometimes I add green pepper but I used all of my peppers already this week. I can't wait. I think I'm even going to make garlic bread. YUM. Maybe I should make a salad. We'll see if I feel up to the chopping.

Packing it up. Lord help people not be annoying on the drive home.

On the drive home I listened to my audiobook, and didn't even have to yell at anyone. Success! 

I got home to a fun package in the mail. I ordered some cute party supplies for Kelly's bridal shower! It's getting so close, I can't wait. 

I chopped up all of the veggies and pepperoni for the pizza pasta and in the middle of chopping Christopher called to tell me he would be home earlier than usual! He even brought my flowers, how sweet. 

We are our pizza pasta in the couch watching Psych on Netfix. Then I had some moose tracks ice cream. We watched more Psych. Eventually we showered and got into bed. 

Once in bed I played The Simpsons Tapped Out on my phone while Christopher read stuff online. We eventually watched the Whine About It video above together. 

It's 11:43 and now I'm tired. Hopefully I'll fall asleep sometime in the next hour. Wish me luck. 

I hope this was a fun way to waste some time online for you. I'm pretty exciting, huh?!

Night night friends. 


  1. Yes you need slippers for work! And a fluffy ridiculous ski hat! It's all acceptable once you put your establishment's name or logo in it. My dream was always to get us some flannel pajama pants.

    1. Oh pajama pants... that's the ticket! And if we can get school logo snuggies I'll be VERY happy.


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