Marriage Goals

32 years ago these crazy kids got married. 

32 things my parents have done in their 32 years of marriage:

1. Had a baby girl - Me
2. Had a baby boy - Josh
3. Had a baby boy again - Jake (copycat)
4. Built a house
5. Went to Hawaii
6. Lived in Florida
7. Lived in Georgia
8. Lived in Kentucky
9. Lived in Alabama
10. Attended approximately 495,692 school functions
11. Explored the Wild West
12. Got schooled in skiing by their 8 year old
13. Watched a lot of MLB games
14. Paid for entire vacations in Marriott Rewards points (ballers)
15. Built another house
16. Started scouting family compound locations
17. Adopted five dogs
18. Bought a small orchestra worth of instruments
19. Remodeled a house
20. Made their kids ride in a minivan for days at a time to visit family
21. Hosted 32 Thanksgivings
22. Filled 153 stockings and Easter baskets
23. Survived three high school graduation ceremonies
24. Went camping
25. Welcomed a son in law
26. Welcomed a daughter in law
27. Welcomed a granddaughter
28. Took their kids to the beach, the mountains, and big cities
29. Went to Canada
30. Shared the love of God with everyone they know
31. Made a lot of jokes
32. Didn't killed each other!

And they aren't done with each other yet.

Thank you for being such a loving example of marriage. I hope in 26 years Christopher and I have a list like that.

Happy Anniversary! 


  1. Thanks, Nat! You and Chris are off to a great start. Just remember, marriage is not just about feeling "in love", it's primarily about being committed to a relationship with another person for your mutual benefit. That require compromise, sacrifice and dedication for the good of the relationship rather than personal preferences. However, the benefits are enormous and you just listed 32 out of thousands. I wouldn't trade these last 32 years for anything in the world. I can't wait to see what your list ends up looking like. Love you!

  2. I love this! Your parents are such a wonderful couple and your dads response is perfect. You guys are making me start to tear up!


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