Beach Day

Today Christopher and I came to the beach to recharge in between busy weeks. Tomorrow starts the busiest 5-6 weeks of the school year for me and last week we prepped for the awesome bridal shower yesterday. So this little break is exactly what we needed. 

It was pretty cloudy when we got to the beach, but we got in a solid hour of sitting in the waves before it rained. Once the storm rolled in we went to DQ and grabbed Oreo Blizzards. After we got our blizzards the rain had let up and was just a sprinkle so we decided to brave it and head back to the beach. We had our awesome tent along so we weren't going to let a little sprinkle get in the way of our fun. 

When we got back we were the only people on the beach with the exception of the lifeguard. It was perfect. 

I'm so glad we only live an hour from the beach! I can't think of a more relaxing sound than a light rain and crashing waves. 

Happy Sunday friends! 


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