De Azucar Bakeshop

I love cinnamon rolls! They combine three of the best things ever, bread, cinnamon, and frosting. The cinnamon roll above before De Azucar in Oviedo, FL. It was like a homemade Cinnabon. The dough was soft and pillowy, the filling was perfectly sweet and cinnamony, the frosting was a beautiful blend of cream cheese and sugar, it was heavenly. They also make a pumpkin maple version... so that's happening next time they have one. 

They also make a delicious cup of coffee. I usually get the 16 oz cafe con leche. 

Some of my other very favorite things from De Azucar: ham and cheddar croissant, almond pastry, donut muffin, pumpkin donut muffin, and the bacon cheddar scone. Honestly, I haven't had anything that I didn't enjoy. If you're even semi local to Oviedo get yourself there SOON! 


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