Kelly's Bridal Shower

Saturday Bianca and I hosted a bridal shower for one of our bestest besties, Kelly! She is having a vintage wedding, so we decided on a vintage feel to our semi book themed shower. We picked an all neutral color scheme, gold, white, and cream and made way too much food. 

Having balloons line the walkway is officially my favorite party decoration. This time we tried having them in pairs and groups, but I think I like them each separately like we had them for Kimber's baby shower. The only thing that kind of stinks is that when it's windy, which is pretty much always, sometimes the balloons will blow all the way to the grass and pop. 

I made a few little signs with Scrabble letters and spelled out a few love themed words on the fridge with my Scrabble tile magnets. 

Kelly has collected Salt and Pepper shakers for just about ever, but last year the night she got engaged her apartment burned down and she lost everything. Bianca and I decided that we needed to help her get a jump start on a new collection. So in the foyer we had a little display of salt and pepper shakers that we have collected over the last month. 

Some of the salt and pepper shakers are new, but some we got from a variety of antique shops in Mt. Dora. They are all so cute and we really hope she enjoys them! 

My brother is a super talented woodworker, so I asked him to make a pair of salt and pepper shakers that Kelly and Scott could use any day. Aren't they adorable?! 

Above the buffet we used a garland that looked like little tiny notebook pages, the first 10 Nancy Drew books and some cute clothes pins that look like a little bride and groom kissing. We also hung love quotes from some of Kelly's favorite books. The buffet had the first half of the food. We went a little nuts. We had fruit salad, buffalo chicken dip with fritos, veggies and ranch, caprese pasta salad skewers with balsamic vinaigrette, BBQ meatballs and rolls to make little sliders.

How cute is this? Bianca did such a great job making these little clothes pins.

The second half of the food was on the dining room table. We had green olives, chicken salad, Italian appetizer bread, chicken caesar salad, brie with pecans and brown sugar (not pictured), and funfetti cupcakes

We covered the cupcakes with gold sugar sprinkles and these cute "YAY" and glittery flag cupcake toppers I bought at Hobby Lobby. Thanks to Miranda for making them so yummy and pretty!

No party will be complete at my house without a streamer and balloon wall ever again. The streamers and balloons are always such a hit that I think I'll keep doing this until I move or run out of color combinations. In front of the streamers and balloons, we set up our beverage table. We had mimosas with assorted fruits, water, lemonade, and the mother of the bride's favorite wine. The Cin Cin balloons are from The Flair Exchange.

I ordered some of these confetti balloons from The Flair Exchange, and had them around the edges of the living room to add a little something extra. I love them so much! I can't wait to have a reason to order more.

We also had to take advantage of my giant chalkboard door! We are so excited for Kelly to marry Scott in October and become #CaseyPartyof2

We decided to fancy up our simple floral arrangements with gold sequins in the water. It was such a sweet simple addition. 

Another big loss in Kelly's fire, pictures. Bianca went through pictures going back to their preschool years at her and Kelly's family and friends printed favorites to bring to the shower. We hung them all up double sided in the opening between the dining room and living room for everyone to enjoy. It was such a special way to share favorite memories with Kelly. 

Bianca painted this adorable Muggle to Mrs. sign on a mirror that we hung under a simple burlap garland. Kelly, Bianca, and I all love Harry Potter so much, so this was a special decoration for all of us! 


I am so excited for you and Scott! Marriage is such a wonderful journey. Enjoy every minute of being engaged, before you know it you'll be Mrs. Casey starting your happily ever after! 



Super special thanks to all of the shower helpers from me and my amazing co hostess Bianca: Thanks Christopher, Miranda, Jake, Valoree, Lisa, Mom for letting me borrow half of your stuff, and our surprise guest Dave! We couldn't have done it without you! 


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