30 Things I'm Thankful for in September

1. UCF Football is back!
2. Lunch dates with friends
3. Donut King
4. A four day weekend
5. My brother visiting me at work
6. Indian food take out
7. My orchid blooming
8. A fun new neighborhood bar
9. My first pumpkin pie of the season
10. Celebrating Stacy's engagement
11. Birchbox
12. Getting my invitation to Kelly and Scott's Wedding!
13. Buying the most gigantic plastic pumpkin I've ever seen
14. Soft pretzels
15. Curly Girl mystery bags
16. Antibiotics
17. A road trip to South Carolina
18. Meeting some awesome new Knights friends
19. Feeling the chill of fall, even thought it was only one day
20. Both of my brothers and I are all in our 20's until January when I turn 30
21. A fun day in Savannah
22. An amazing event at work
23. Buying 4 matching can coozies with Bianca and Amber
24. New inside jokes
25. Starbucks on campus
26. Jake coming to help me clean when I was sick
27. Margaritas
28. Impromptu dinner dates with friends
29. A cute new drink dispenser from The Pioneer Woman's Walmart line
30. Work friends that get me


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