31 Things I'm Thankful for in August

August is a rough month at work, so it makes this list a little bit harder, and a lot more needed. Anyone else over the moon it's finally September?

1. Hosting a bridal shower for my lovely friend Kelly
2. Having the beach all to ourselves because we weathered the storm at a nearby DQ
3. Friends that send awesome mail
4. Having coloring supplies at work
5. My Someecards desk calendar
6. Cappuccino
7.  Wine
8. Getting to drool over a bestie's brand new engagement ring
9. Rainstorms
10. Nugget Ice
11. Cinnamon rolls
12. Google Hangouts
13. Online shopping
14. Coffee
15. Bread sticks and alfredo sauce from OG
16. Finally using the mani/pedi gift card from my Christmas stocking
17. Having a space heater in my office
18. Beer
19. The library
20. Group texts
21. Lucy
22. HOA approval to put up a fence
23. Donut King
24. Planning my fall TV schedule
25. Crunchy ice
26. Jake having lunch with my on his first day of college
27. Birchbox
28. Postcards
29. Coke
30. Christopher bringing me two Potbelly oatmeal chocolate chip cookies all the way from AZ
31. My cousin and his wife are moving to town!!

August was a long, hot month friends. I'm so glad to say hello to September.


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