Fave Five Friday: September 18

1. Curly Girl Design's $5 Mystery Bag

So much cute for so few dollars. I may or may not have just ordered three of them. Yano, just in case.

2. Charlie Brown Christmas Stamps

I love sending and receiving mail. I almost always have at least two styles of stamps in my desk and when a friend showed me these bad boys I knew I had to have them. I pre-ordered two sheets for my Christmas cards.

3. Getting to make fun things at work
 We are having an event at work in a couple of weeks and I got to design these cute little labels for our candy corn packs. It was super fun. I really wish I got to do more of this kind of stuff. 
4. Getting to leave work at 3:00 today!

We can only get overtime during certain times of year so any other time we work extra we have to flex our hours and the beginning of this week was BUSY. So I got to leave at 3! Best way to start the weekend.

5. Whine About It 

As always, Whine About It makes Wednesdays worth waking up for. Especially this week when he gets to the reply all part. OMG... my thoughts exactly!


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