Fave Five Friday: September 4

Helllooooo Friday! Today is the second installment of Fave Five Friday, woo hoo two weeks in a row!

1. Fall TV starts back up this month! 

This week I updated my Fall TV spreadsheet with all of the shows we watch and a LONG list of shows I'm interested in trying out.

2. Lunch with Jake on Monday and Wednesday

My brother started classes this week at my campus and he has a break when I have lunch so he's been hanging out in my office with me. I think we might have to replicate this schedule for next semester. =)

3. UCF Football

The Knights played their first game of the season last night and even though we didn't win it sure was nice to be back in the bounce house.

4. News 13 Sky Cameras

I don't have a window in my office at work, so I like to keep the Sky Cameras open all day. I usually watch St. Pete or Flagler Beach.

5. Whine About It

These videos literally get me through the week. This one was especially funny for me because I work at a college.

Happy Friday friends, enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!


  1. That's so nice you and Jake get to hang out!

    1. I know! It's fun to eat lunch with a human every once in a while.

  2. This guy could be your brother from another mother!!


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