Mentally Preparing for UCF @ USC

Tomorrow after work Bianca, Amber and I are packing up and driving to Columbia, South Carolina to watch our Knights have our asses handed to us play the Gamecocks. The Gamecocks aren't having a great season so far, they're 1-2, but they will still most likely drag us up and down the field and then chew us up like a cheap chew toy. My prediction is that UCF will not score more than 10 points and South Carolina will score at least 21. I have no money on this game, but if I'm right I might get myself a little treat to help me cope with the disappointment. 

Enough of the sad news. The good news is we will still have fun. Bianca, Amber and I have been Knights fans for YEARS, we won't cheer any less, or wear any less Black and Gold just because we aren't winning. 

Saturday morning we plan to wake up and head over to the UCF Alumni breakfast tailgate, then enjoy a temperature under 100 degrees while watching a noon football game. The high in Columbia on Saturday is 75, I don't even remember what 75 degrees feels like outside. So I'm super excited to feel that lovely Fall air. 

I hope the nachos are good in South Carolina. And for the love of love they better have coke, it is the real south after all. 

We plan to spend a few hours in Savannah on the way home Sunday. A little shopping and eating in Savannah should help cheer us up. 

Have a lovely weekend friends, I hope all of your favorite football teams win. 


  1. Your lack of faith is unacceptable.

    1. My lack of faith is absolutely warranted, but they still have my heart.


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